Nuria Gallego

Dancer and choreographer, one of the most important names in Tribal Fusion dance in Spain. Director of Tribal Fusion company Medjai. A dancer who has performed alongside Sharon Kihara, Mira Betz, Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, Ariellah, Zafira, Unmata, Said el Amir, and many other national and international dancers on national stages (Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante…) as well as international ones (Riccione, Rotterdam, Berlin…)

Trained in classical, contemporary, and Flamenco dancing, she continues to complement her training through various percussion, hip hop, funky, Zingara dance and Eastern European dance courses. However her passion drove her to train as a Tribal Fusion dancer taking classes from the most important names of this dance style and even going to the birthplace itself, San Francisco to consolidate her training.

Nuria is an ESTODA teacher, trained by M.José Ñiguez and Yasmin Al Ghazali, combining this technique with that of Suhaila Salimpour in order to teach the technique of Tribal Fusion belly dancing with excellent visible results in her performances as well as her teaching. She is an international teacher and performer (Tribal Fest Budapest and Tribal Fest Sebastopol…). In addition, at current she is assisting Sharon Kihara workshops all over Europe.