Aerobic Room

VIOLET SCRAP. VIO1: “EIGHT TO ONE” ( 10 to 12, Aerobic room) 35€ SOLD OUT
A speeding up combo of diverse movements, taking inspiration from modern dance and hip hop. The purpose is to use parts of the body bellydancers are not confident with, mixed with a tempo exercise from very slow to superfast.

ANASMA. ANA1: “TUSE THE SPACE/ CREATE YOUR SPACE” ( 12:15 to 14:15, Aerobic Room) 40€
Tapping into theater, pantomime, modern dance concept, many dance techniques, and life experiences… dancers will explore new ways of using the space, sculpting, inventing their space.

SAID TANSHI. SAI1: “POP & LOCK FOR TRIBAL” (15:15 a 16:45, Aerobic Room) 30€
Said is a popping dancer and he will teach you how to Lock, house and popping. Slow motion is probably one of the most difficult technique for a tribal bellydancer and he will discover tips and tricks to flow easily in this amazing mode. If you want to be like Michael Jackson come to this workshop and learn glides, moonwalks and how to boogaloo.

The workshop focuses on the abundant creativity that the dynamism Hip Hop elements can bring to the fluidity of Bellydance. To traditional Bellydance vocabulary (isolations, hipwork, layering…), we will apply Hip Hop dance technique (Waving, Liquid, Popping, Tutting) and also a Hip Hop Movement Concepts (with concepts such as Ticking, Tracing, Locking, Bouncing). (Open level)